July 12, 2012


What Makes a Good Dominant:

If I had to wager, I would say that most every Dominant’s heart would beat a bit faster upon seeing His woman in repose, waiting for Him with adoration, devotion and love.

So what goes into making a good Dominant?

Where do You begin?

It’s all quite simple. It starts with three things:

1. Listen.

2. Leave Your ego at the door.

3. Dial down Your intensity.

Start by listening….really listen and observe.

Know what You want, whom You want and why.

It’s not all about You and it’s all not about her. It is about both of Y/you.

Be perceptive. It’s a delicate dance.

By dialing down Your intensity…I don’t mean lose what You inherently are, I’m merely saying adjust when necessary.

Know Your woman. Each is different…and one size does not fit all. What might have worked with one woman, will not necessarily work with the next.

You cannot demand her submission…rather let it flow to you.

Love, devotion, adoration all come from a place of trust, communication and understanding.

So it means slowing it down and taking the time.

After all…life is too short for quantity.

But not long enough for quality.

And quality is what makes it all worthwhile.

There is nothing more atttractive in this world than a Gentleman who is self assured, confident and wears His ‘alpha maleness’ with ease.

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